Kobbi Fish is specialised on exporting and distributing of fresh fish and frozen seafood. Currently, Kobbi Fish able to export fish directly 4 countries, namely, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypte.

Kobbi Fish export fish from Tunisia. Kobbi Fish exports all species and varieties of seafood to their customers around the world. Today Kobbi Fish are one of the leading Bream fish exporter in Tunisia and also in the region.


We select the best Fish from fresh products, and we take care of it to satisfy our perfect customers arround the world.


Fish farming cage

The success of Kobbi Fish is based on the fish that he chooses from the start, the seabreams that are exported come from the seabream fish farms implemented in the mediterranean sea and more precisely the Tunisian sea.


e-mail: info@kobbifish.com
Mobile: +216 53 405 406
Phone: +216 31 404 622
Fax : +216 32 404 622